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Assisted Shower Fun In London

Sharing a sexy shower with a masseuse followed by an intimate erotic massage is the perfect way to spend your day off.

Water is everything to human life, without we would not be able to survive. For those civilisations that have mastered how to use and conserve water have always been the ones to flourish.

Water is not only something we drink and sprinkle on crops it is also something we wash, clean and play in. That is why there is something magical about sharing a shower with a cute female, it cleans our body and our mind too.

As the masseuse washes all your naked body it feels great and washes away all the distractions in your head.

It is an important first stage of your session and the best way to prepare for your nude body to body massage.

Preparing the body


A nuru masseuse uses this time as a way of preparing your body. She will first clean your front from head to toe and then she will move around you to clean your back, bum and legs.

She will reach from behind to make sure your most intimate area is nice and clean. If you are lucky and well behaved the masseuse may also let you wash her body.

You will both get out of the shower while yours and her body and wet. The masseuse will like to keep your body a little wet as wet skin helps spread the nuru gel much more easily.

From here the main event will begin as the nude sexy masseuse gives you a fantastic personal one to one body to body nuru massage. 


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Shower Fun

Having an intimate shared shower with a sensual masseuse is the best way to start your body to body massage session.



Adding kissing into your personal massage sessions can be a fantastic way to really heighten the enjoyment for both you and your partner.


Breast Relief Massage

Men love female breasts. They love to look at them, feel them and play with them. Now you guys can experience the full erotic glory of a breast relief massage in London.


Oriental Massage

If you are one of those guys who find Asian women very cute and you are also a fan of erotic massage then going for an oriental massage in London will be a great idea.


Nude Massage

There is something very special and liberating about getting naked with another human for a sensual nude massage session.


Aqua Massage London

At Nuru Fantasy we offer an erotic aqua massage, so if you have ever wanted to share a shower or bath with a beautiful lady then come see us now.


Nuru Gel Massage

Nuru gel is a see-through and slippery substance which is made from a specific type of seaweed. This type of seaweed is unique to Japan and found off certain coastal areas in the country.


We are experts in erotic touch, and deliver the very best nuru massage in London. 

Based in locations around London for incalls, we also offer mobile outcalls to hotels and homes. Get in touch today to make your Nuru Fantasy come true.


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