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How to give your partner a nuru massage (The Ultimate Guide)

Have your partner screaming in pleasure

Nuru massage is a great deal fun, and very pleasurable for both the giver and receiver. It’s a great way to have some intimate fun with your partner.

if you’re not sure how to go about having a nuru massage as a couple then we have come to your rescue. We are of course nuru massage experts and have provided this unique Japanese artform to many people in London.

Below we have laid out a plan for you – for fun lets call it Operation Slippery.

Get your stuff ready

The first thing you will need to do is get your equipment ready, this consists of the following…

  • Plastic blow-up mattress
  • Water
  • Bowel
  • Nuru Gel
  • Towels

All the above can easily be bought online. Make sure to mix up the water with the nuru gel. Each brand will have its own instructions about what ratio of gel to water you should use. Make sure the water is warm, nobody wants cold nuru gel put on their body.

Once you have all this ready we suggest putting candles around the room, dimming the lights, and playing some relaxing chilled music in the background. We are going romantic to the max – turn it up to 11!

Start with a shower

You have to get both your bodies wet and clean, so you might as well jump into the shower. Pour the shower gel and cover each others body, do some kissing and caressing too. 

shared shower is always great fun and something we offer to our clientele.

Now onto the main event…

Get on the blow-up mattress

If you thought caressing each other with soap in the shower was find wait until you get on the plastic mattress. 

As previously mentioned these blow up mattresses are cheap and can easily be bought on the internet. Make sure you don’t have anything sharp on your body like pointy jewelry otherwise you might pop the mattress and have to buy a new one.

Once you are both on the mattress one of you will lay down and receive the massage (you lucky human). Your partner will then proceed to pour the preprepared nuru gel all over theirs and your body.

Your partner will then move all over your body, slipping and sliding just like in the nuru massage videos. How kinky and erotic you get is up to you, we will leave that to your kinky hands and imagination.

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Enjoy your time together

Nuru massage is not to be taken seriously, it’s about being in the moment with your partner and enjoying your time together. It doesn’t have to be perfect each time. Things can get slippery and you both could end up slipping and sliding all over the place.

One thing we can guarantee is that you will have a great time. You will look back and treasure these fun, adventurous and erotic times you had together.

And of course if you want a high quality nuru massage in London with a professional masseuse then just give us a call and we will show you the real thing.

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the best and most erotic massage on the plant. Three cheers for nuru massage – hip hip horay!

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We are a group of body to body masseuses who are experts in erotic touch, and deliver the very best nuru massage in London. Based in locations around London for incalls, we also offer mobile outcalls to hotels and homes. Get in touch today to make your Nuru Fantasy come true.


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