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If you’re searching the web for the best tantric massage London has to offer then you’ve come to the right place. Having a tantric massage is a popular way for many men in London to relax and recharge.

We invite you to experience this wonderful therapy at one of our many branches located through-out London. Mobile outcalls to hotels and private homes can also be arranged.

This is a sensual massage therapy that combines the best of deep tissue massage techniques and erotic touching. This fusion will help ease away any tension and strain inside your body.

Why choose us?

There are many agencies and independent masseuses in London who use the word tantric massage. Many use this term, however what they offer in reality is a basic body rub followed by lame hand relief.

In our opinion this is not the proper approach to a therapy which over 2,000 years old. Experiencing an authentic tantric massage, given by a masseuse who has been taught by a tantric teacher, is a much more rewarding (and powerful) experience.

When done in a completely holistic and authentic way, a professional tantric massage has tremendous health benefits that can help battle fatigue, depression and much more. It feels damn good too.

Choose your tantric massage therapist

Our beautiful charming masseuses are professionally qualified therapists who are well versed in tantric massage.

Tantric massage London style - the best way to chill out

The great thing about having a tantric massage in London is that it offers a different way to relax. The main objective will be on calming the body as well as the mind.

The tantric massage session usually starts with the masseuse giving you a soothing deep tissue massage. This type of massage helps relax the muscles, and prepares the body for the rest of the session.

You will notice as the session progresses the massage starts to get more erotic and sensual. The masseuses fingers will massage your thighs and slip into the sensitive areas of your body.

She will gently brush against your genitals. Your therapist will also massage your nipples and neck. An intense feeling will pulsate all over your body, growing stronger and stronger.

At this point you may start to get an erection. This is perfectly normal, it is also quite a turn-on for the masseuse too. Being aroused is a great indicator that the tantric massage is working.

Caressing the lingam

However the main focus of course will be towards the end of the session when the masseuse will focus her attention on your penis.

The masseuse will use a creative and highly erotic repertoire of tantric techniques. The masseuse will grow the sexual energy through out your body.

As the energy rises from your feet all the way to your head. She will gaze deep into your eyes as she strokes your shaft.

She will rotate her hand around the tip of your penis while caressing your testicles or playing with your nipples.

Soon you find you self getting closer and closer to orgasm. The longer you can hold on the more powerful the orgasm.

The sexual release at the finale of this therapy can be very intense. Many men have orgasmic waves ride all over their body. This can sometimes last up to five minutes after they have ejaculated.

So if you want to see what all the fuss is about then we advise you to pick up the phone to arrange your session.

Reviews of our tantric massage from our happy clients

The tantric massage I had with Natasha was exactly what the doctor ordered. I have now been on numerous visits to her, and each booking just gets better.
Friendly ladies, superb massages, clean facilities. Thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me. With out a doubt the best tantric massage in London.

We offer other massage styles too


Get slippery and roll around to your hearts content with a gorgeous female.

G-Spot Prostate

Add some prostate stimulation to any massage session. This feels very nice.

Soapy Session

This massage is a great deal of fun. Your body will feel clean and fully relieved.

Erotic 4 Hands

Get pampered by 2 attractive and talented massage girls.

Ride the tantric waves - experience the best tantric massage in London

If the tantra massage session is not really your thing then as mentioned above we have other therapies for you to try. These therapies all finish with slow sublime sensual hand relief.

There is an art to giving hand relief tantric style, and we have perfected it to a tee.

Don’t believe us I hear you say?

Well come see for yourself how talented our hands really are.

Once you have chosen your massage style the next thing to do is choose your masseuse. All these masseuses are attractive, talented and charming.

They are all qualified in tantric, holistic, deep tissue and even sports massage (so all you sport lovers can recover from your work outs while enjoying the sensual side of things to).

If you have trouble deciding which lady to choose please phone us and we can help.

Key facts:

Did you know tantric massage is over 2,500 years old. It was developed from an Ancient Indian philosophy called Tantra.

This philosophy revolves around the idea of using various physical activities to connect with a higher power in the universe. These various captivities can include yoga, sex and of course massage.

All we know is that if anything is this old and continues to grow in popularity after all this time then it can not be such a bad thing. Once of the reasons why it remains so popular is because of the physical benefits.

Even if you do not believe in the spiritual side of tantra, you can still come for a tantric massage in London. You need to release all those stresses and tensions from your body.

Especially when you live in a crowded hectic city such as this. Your body and mind will thank you for it later. So come experience the best tantric massage London has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We have many incall locations dotted across London where you can come for an incall appointment. Most of the apartments are just walking distance from a local underground station.

Can you come to my home?

Yes we offer mobile outcalls to both private homes and hotels. We do charge slightly extra for this to cover travelling costs.

How do I make a booking?

Just phone us using the telephone number at the top of this website.

How much notice do you need?

This depends on the massage therapist you want to see. However, most bookings need at least one hours notice.

Premier erotic massage service in London. Open everyday. Both incalls and mobile outcalls available. Call our friendly receptionist to book your appointment. We look forward to having our hands on you soon.

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