Privacy Policy

Website visitors –

We do collect any personal information about the visitors to this website. The only information we collect in anonymous analytical information via products such as Google Analytics. This software just reports information such as referral information, the time spent on the site, how many pages each user spends on the site etc. We do not pass this information to any third parties outside of our own network.

Email subscribers –

If you add your email to our emailing list we promise to send you an email no more than once per month to notice you of new masseuses who have joined the team or any special promotions we may be offering. Your email address is not passed to any third party outside of our own marketing network. If you wish to stop receiving these email please click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the footer of the email, this will delete your email from email marketing software. If you just email us with the word ‘remove’ or ‘unsubscribe’ we can not guarantee your email will be removed.

Making An Appointment –

Please note that all phone numbers that call the Nuru Fantasy booking hotline are deleted, and no telephone number either landline or mobile are kept on record. This is to ensure the privacy of our clients. Please note that all the masseuses featured on this site are self employed, Nuru Fantasy is a marketing service who receives commission from the therapist from each booking. If you wish to make a complaint about our service or the services of any of the masseuses featured on this site please contact us. If you have any questions regarding privacy please feel free to contact us.