Prostate Massage London (caressing the male g-spot)

Going for a prostate massage in London is a regular thing for many men in the city. Having your prostate and anal area massaging feels like nothing else. It is a very pleasurable experience.

It is not hard to see why this form of erotic massage therapy has become a favorite among many Londoner’s. It feels great and it really charges the intense feelings that move around the body. 

This style of therapy has many health benefits associated with it too. Come join us for a prostate massage London style.

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As you may have read elsewhere, the male prostate is a small gland found inside the anus. This gland produces sperm, you could almost call it a mini semen manufacturing plant. If you do not release this sperm on a regular basis it can build up and become filled with old dead sperm.

Having a prostate massage is a great way to release this unwanted sperm out of the gland so it can start generating new semen again.

Leaving dead sperm in this gland for a long time can cause the body health problems. If you need help releasing this sperm then give us a call today.

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What does having a prostate massage feel like?

Mentioned in the above paragraph were the health benefits of prostate massage, now we want to talk about how sensational it feels.

Most prostate sessions start off like any other regular sensual massage, however at a certain point attention will be turned to your testicles. 

You will feel the masseuse gently pour oil over your genitals, as she then begins to massage this sensitive area. As you can imagine it does not take long until you achieve a solid erection.

At this point the masseuse will smoothly insert her finger into your anus. As her finger gets deeper she will also continue massaging the shaft and head of your erect member. Once she locates the prostate gland she will gently rub it, touch it and caress it.

This feels unbelievably good when combined with the touching of other sensual areas. It will spread goose bumps across your body and even into your brain with the extra release of endorphins. London is one of the best cities in the world to experience prostate massage.

If the above description sounds like a session you want to experience then get in contact with us. When you’re ready we will arrange an incall or outcall with your chosen masseuse.

Reviews from our happy clients
Rebecca was fantastic. I was slightly nervous before I arrived but her smile and charm put me at ease straight away. Had a great time, thanks. I will be back for more soon.
These women really know their stuff. Their prostate massage session is really good, they know how to massage this area of the body. Been seeing them for around six months and each time it gets better.
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