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Learn the secret of female orgasm and make her beg for more

How to have multiple orgasms via sensual massage

For many men, women’s bodies are a mystery to please, yet many would love to make their partner climax.

The secret is that sexual intercourse alone won’t get her there – you’ll need a more varied approach that includes lots of foreplay, and erotic massage.

Here are 8 ideas to help give your girlfriend intense multiple orgasms.


Stimulate Her Mind


Research has shown that orgasms begin in the mind, so no matter how much stimulation she’s getting if she’s pre-occupied, annoyed or bored she won’t have an orgasm.

Begin by creating a cosy atmosphere with warmth, clean bedding, and low lighting. Then ask about her day, listen to the answers and pay her compliments.

If she’s feeling relaxed and receptive then an orgasm is only a few steps away.

Ask Her How


If you want to know how your girlfriend likes to be touched you’ll have to ask, but blurting it out over lunch is not the right time.

When you are getting intimate ask if she likes what you’re doing and if not, what would make her feel good. Bear in mind that just because a previous girlfriend liked something it doesn’t mean she will.

Slow Massage


A slow massage with warm hands will help her relax and make an orgasm more likely.

If you aren’t sure how take some lesson in tantric massage and learn about women’s bodies. It will help you explore her pleasure.

Targeted Oral


Many women enjoy oral because your attention is placed on her clitoris, and without clitoral stimulation she won’t be able to orgasm. If you don’t know where the clitoris is ask her to show you.



Using your hands to explore her body is sensual and stimulating, so go slowly and explore her outer lips before inserting your fingers.

Gently rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion is guaranteed to make her climax so long as you keep going and don’t change rhythm.

Use Oils


In order to feel sexual sensations a woman needs lubrication, but sometimes this just doesn’t happen naturally.

Uncomfortable dry touches that drag and bruise her skin will prevent an orgasm, so use some good quality oil to smooth things over.

The G-spot


The G-spot is not difficult to find, despite the mystery surrounding it and it can produce exquisite sensations. It’s worth investing the time if you want her to orgasm.

Find her G-spot by gently inserting two fingers around two to three inches inside her and then bend your fingers. Gauge her reaction – if there’s nothing, then re-position your fingers and explore.

If you can multi-task by stimulating her g-spot with oral then you’re onto a good thing.



Men find it easy to climax even if they change timing, pressure or position, but women don’t like it.

If you stop, move or change pressure she’ll have to start all over again which is frustrating, and frustration means she won’t orgasm.

Once you find something she likes keep doing it at the same speed and pressure until her orgasm or she tells you to stop.

Tell your girlfriend there’s no rush because asking if she’s come yet is an orgasm killer.

Women need more time to climax then men, and if she thinks you’re only interested in having your own fun, she won’t get there.

Make the experience about her and you’ll find she’s much more receptive to orgasm.

All women are different, but try the tips above to find out what she likes.

Be patient and you’ll find she’s not only enjoying orgasms, but wanting more fun between the sheets too.


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