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What is nuru gel massage?

If you want to give someone a nuru gel massage, read on

Nuru gel is a see-through super slippery substance which is made from a specific type of seaweed. This type of seaweed is unique to Japan and found off certain coastal areas in the country.

The word nuru actually translates as slippery in the Japanese languageThis gel is not used for much else apart from erotic massage, or as a sex lubricant.

Nuru gel was first introduced to massage in Japan when prostitution become banned in 1958. To get around this ban, the bathhouses in certain down town areas were advertised as nuru massage, where men could get an erotic rub down by a naked lady.

The nuru massage evolved from here and has developed into an art form it its own right.

How to give a nuru gel massage

The masseuse using her own naked body to massage the gel into the recipient rubs the cool seaweed based gel over the entire body.
She will all her body parts to give a very erotic and enjoyable body to body massage.

The added benefit of this massage, apart from the obvious of having a sexy woman roll over you, is that the nuru gel is great for the skin as it contains many nutrients.

The masseuses here at Nuru Fantasy only use the original organic nuru gel. This is why our nuru gel massage is the best in London.

Where to buy a bottle of this slippery substance?

You may be asking yourself where can I buy nuru gel for my own personal pleasure? 

There are many brands to choose from. After years of experience we would recommend buying Nuru, which is made from pure nori seaweed together with aloe vera, this is great for your skin. Mr Nori’s Magic Gel is very popular too.

How to make it at home

So how do you make nuru gel? Once your gel has been delivered you need to prepare for it your sensual massage. Normally you have to mix your nuru gel with some water in a bowl. There are special wooden bowls you can buy for this.

Make sure the gel is nice and slippery. The addition of water will make easier to spread on skin. Other items you need for an erotic nuru gel massage is a blow up mattress or plastic mat. 

Enjoy your session with your partner. If you don’t have a partner, then you can book an appointment in central London with us.

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Nuru gel is a see-through and slippery substance which is made from a specific type of seaweed. This type of seaweed is unique to Japan and found off certain coastal areas in the country.


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We are a group of body to body masseuses who are experts in erotic touch, and deliver the very best nuru massage in London. Based in locations around London for incalls, we also offer mobile outcalls to hotels and homes. Get in touch today to make your Nuru Fantasy come true.


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