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Kama Sutra Positions For Massage

If you have never heard of Kama Sutra then where have you been all your life?

For those who do not know, and I doubt there is too many of you, Kama Sutra (sometimes misspelled karma sutra) is an ancient Indian text book. This classic book provides the reader advise and strategies when making love.

The book is a fascinating read and the writers behind it must of had a great time doing the practical research to write it.

The sex positions featured in the book are wide and varied but all have the aim or making sex last longer and also making it into a kind of yogic exercise.

For some of the moves and positions you would have to be very fit indeed, as one false move could possibly result in an injury to the body.

The question we asked ourselves here at Nuru Fantasy is, could any of these positions be used for an erotic massage session that did not go into full sexual intercourse?

The answer to that question, after much practise, is yes. 

There are many positions and movements that can be adapted to a body to body massage session.

One of these positions is known as the Tidal Wave


This is where the receiver of the massage will lay down facing upward and will stretch out his legs keeping them straight.

While he is in this position the masseuse would then lay down on top of him and move into a forward and backward motion.

With the pelvises correctly aligned the masseuse will be rubbing her intimate parts against the receivers.

Each back and forth movement will feel great for both people involved and will really stimulate the body of each person.

There are plenty of other moves that can be taken from the Kama Sutra and adapted into an erotic massage move.

We will be revealing more of these sensational moves over the coming weeks.

We have also been practising them with our regular clients so if you fancy a Kama Sutra massage in London contact us today.

Shower Fun

Having an intimate shared shower with a sensual masseuse is the best way to start your body to body massage session.



Adding kissing into your personal massage sessions can be a fantastic way to really heighten the enjoyment for both you and your partner.


Breast Relief Massage

Men love female breasts. They love to look at them, feel them and play with them. Now you guys can experience the full erotic glory of a breast relief massage in London.


Oriental Massage

If you are one of those guys who find Asian women very cute and you are also a fan of erotic massage then going for an oriental massage in London will be a great idea.


Nude Massage

There is something very special and liberating about getting naked with another human for a sensual nude massage session.


Aqua Massage London

At Nuru Fantasy we offer an erotic aqua massage, so if you have ever wanted to share a shower or bath with a beautiful lady then come see us now.


Nuru Gel Massage

Nuru gel is a see-through and slippery substance which is made from a specific type of seaweed. This type of seaweed is unique to Japan and found off certain coastal areas in the country.


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