Naked Yoga In London

Ever tried naked yoga in London?

Well here's your chance to do just that.

We just wanted to let you know that one of most popular therapists Arabella is also now offering naked yoga sessions.

If you have a bit of a kinky side and want to also get your body fit, then naked yoga will be right up your street.

It is a sexy session that is growing in popularity in London with many more yoga teachers, masseuses or escorts offering it.

If you have ever wondered how the masseuses at Nuru Fantasy manage to keep themselves looking so healthy and fit then it's because they do yoga.

So what happens during this session?

Essentially it will be like a normal yoga session but both you and the teacher will be naked.

If you are a yoga first timer then Arabella will show you some simple moves and positions that are easy to master. These moves will strengthen your body.

She will of course have to move close to your body, so you will at various stages feel her bum, breasts and hands upon your nude body.

Four reasons why you should book a naked yoga session in London...

1. It will get you fit

2. Perfect warm up before your sensual massage

3. Arabella is very sexy, and your eyes will thank you for it

4. Something to tick off your bucket list

Nuru Fantasy

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