Kissing is the ultimate sign of affection for another person, whether it is a pet on the cheek or full deep throat French kissing.

If you and your partner like to give each other sensual massages then introducing kissing as an activity into erotic massage is an excellent way to heat up the atmosphere. 

One technique is called butterfly kissing. Which is a technique where you or your partner will kiss the back of the other person. 

Working your way up the spine, starting at the lower back and then to the back of the neck and ears.

This is sure to provide goosebumps to the receiver and will get you both in the mood. 

Romantic Massage

Kissing the neck, especially the part below the jaw bone, feels very nice indeed.

And this to can be an excellent way to make the massage experience even more intense.

The favourite technique of many masseuses, the ones who offer full service massage, is to do French kissing.

They will do this while their hand is simultaneously caressing your lingam. As you can image this feels wonderful.

Combine all the above with a shared shower, candle light and incense, and you and your partner will create the most romantic atmosphere.

You will also have the most wonderful of sensual evenings together.