Bathing Ritual

You may have seen certain masseuses or massage agencies offer a bathing ritual in London.

This is essentially a shared bath with the masseuse that happens before the massage.

This is an excellent way to prepare for the main event as the hot water in the bath will relax your muscles. 

It is actually the same treatment professional athletes use before partaking in their sport.

The difference between that and what you will experience here is that there will be a sexy woman in the tub with you.

The bath water will be filled with sea salts, soap and aromatic oils which will make you feel relaxed as the aroma fills the air.

The sensual masseuse may sit behind you and start massaging your neck and shoulders.

She will also take this opportunity to clean every part you so her hands will go all over your body.

This will make you of course feel very excited in anticipation of the main erotic massage that takes place a short while later on the bed.

Let Your Goddess Bath You

You can also take this moment to indulge in conversation to give you the chance to get to know the masseuse and start to grow a friendship.

Please be aware that some masseuses will not get in the bath tub with you but will stay outside and just give your body a nice sensual scrub.

So why not treat your self to a bathing ritual followed by a nuru massage in London and enjoy some time out while you can.