Swedish Massage

Have you ever tried a Swedish massage in London? It is a therapy that you may of heard of but never tried.

A Swedish massage is a very unique treatment that was founded in, as you may have already guessed, Sweden.

The founder goes by the name of Per Henrik Ling who developed a style which uses five basic strokes.

These strokes revolve around pushing, gliding, tapping and shaking.

It is a very common massage and will be one of the first styles that people learn when they study massage.

Sexy Sweden

Many erotic masseuses and masseurs in London like to use elements from Swedish massage.

They do it as a way if warming the body up and slowly introducing more sensual touching.

We certainly would recommend trying this style. As it can be very enjoyable and relaxing and carries all the usual health benefits of massage.

This includes increasing blood flow, enhancing the immune system and more.

In fact Swedish massage is even recommend by certain doctors in Europe as a cure for insomnia.