Japanese Massage In London

As you may already know, nuru massage comes from Japan.

Here in the big smoke there are many lovely masseuses who can provide you with a soothing and peaceful Japanese massage in London.

It is not a surprise that so many wonderful and creative ideas come from Japan, it's a culture that has pioneered zen Buddhism. 

The idea of social harmony and creative endeavours in the world of art, music and film.

When we first came across authentic Japanese nuru massage we were amazed at how controlled and artistic it was.

This is not some boring body rub, this is as much of an erotic performance as it is a massage.

So it has been our aim to take these ideas back from the wonderful country of Japan to London.

So the good folk of this city can truly understand how great of an experience it really is.

Just Like Tokyo

Of course being in London we can never recreate the same conditions as in Tokyo.

A highly erotic soapy massage in London will always have it's own unique flavours, but we can assure you it is as every bit as good.

The naked masseuse will invite you into the shower where will clean your body and prepare for the next part of the session.

We won't go into too much details about what happens as we have already done this on other parts of this site.

All we can say is come and try our Japanese style massages and will be left wanting to come back again and again.