Powerful Orgasms

Learn the secrets of powerful orgasms and how to send your girlfriend or wife into pure ecstasy.

Naked Yoga In London

Naked yoga is becoming increasingly popular in London. So what is it? And which one of our masseuses offers it?

Shower Fun

Having an intimate shared shower with a sensual masseuse is the best way to start your body to body massage session.

Kaishun Massage

Ever wondered what a Kaishun massage is? It is something you musty try if you visit Japan.

Kama Sutra Style

We have recently been reading the Kama Sutra book which has given us plenty of fresh ideas on new erotic massage positions to try.


Adding kissing into your personal massage sessions can be a fantastic way to really heighten the enjoyment for both you and your partner.

Breast Relief Massage

Men love female breasts. They love to look at them, feel them and play with them. Now you guys can experience the full erotic glory of a breast relief massage in London.

Oriental Massage

If you are one of those guys who find Asian women very cute and you are also a fan of erotic massage then going for an oriental massage in London will be a great idea.

Foot Fetish Massage In London

Have you ever found feet incredibly beautiful and love it when your sensual masseuse gives you a delightful foot fetish massage in London? 

Swedish Massage

Have you ever tried a Swedish massage in London? It is a therapy that you may of heard of but never tried.